What Is The Another Meaning Of Crop?

What is a crop Class 8?

Crop is a plant that is grown on a large scale commercially.

Pulses, Cereals, Oil seeds, Vegetables & fruits are different types of crop.

Different crops need different climate for growth & productivity.

For example, Some crops like Maize, soya bean, sugarcane need more water whereas rice, potato need less water..

Is cotton a crop?

Cotton: From Field to Fabric- Crop Production & Planting. The Cotton Belt spans the southern half of the Unites States, from Virginia to California. Cotton is grown in 17 states and is a major crop in 14. Its growing season of approximately 150 to 180 days is the longest of any annually planted crop in the country.

What is a bird’s crop?

“The crop is a muscular pouch located in a bird’s neck.” The crop is a muscular pouch located in a bird’s neck above the top of the chest or sternum. … The crop functions as a storage place for food. Adult birds actually produce crop milk from the crop.

How do you crop?

Open the photo you want to edit.Tap Edit. Crop. To crop the photo to different aspect ratios, like a square, tap Aspect ratio . To change the photo’s perspective, tap Transform . Drag the dots to the edges of your desired photo or tap Auto. … To save a copy of the photo with your edits, at the bottom right, tap Save.

What are three types of crops?

Cropping SeasonsS. NoCropping SeasonCrops1.RabiWheat, barley, peas, gram, mustard etc.2.KharifRice, maize, jowar, bajra, tur, moong, urad, cotton, jute, groundnut, soybean etc.3.ZaidSeasonal fruits, vegetables, fodder crops etc.Nov 2, 2019

What is the opposite word of harvest?

“When the cost of living increases, everybody will cut wasteful expenditure.”…What is the opposite of harvest?dispersedissipateseedspendsquandersurrenderusewasteyieldrefuse6 more rows

What are the stages of harvesting?

Harvesting processesReaping – cutting the mature panicles and straw above ground.Threshing – separating the paddy grain from the rest of cut crop.Cleaning – removing immature, unfilled, non-grain materials.Hauling – moving the cut crop to the threshing location.More items…

What is the opposite of crops?

mow, reap, reduce, shave, shorten, curtail. crop(n) Antonyms: produce, yield, abundance, growth, fruit.

What is another word for harvest?

What is another word for harvest?harvestingpickingreapingcollectingcropgarneringingatheringcullinggatheringgleaning11 more rows

What is crop example?

Most crops are harvested for food to humans and livestock. It is also planted for the domestic purpose of consumption. Rice, wheat, oats, millets, fruits, vegetables are some examples of crops.

What is the mean by crop?

noun. the cultivated produce of the ground, while growing or when gathered: the wheat crop. the yield of such produce for a particular season. … a collection or group of persons or things appearing or occurring together: this year’s crop of students.

What is crop in simple words?

Crops are living plants grown by farmers. Most crops are foods such as grain, vegetables, or fruit. Some crops are for drugs, such as quinine, or fibers such as cotton, or other materials such as rubber or wood. Farms are usually made to grow just one kind of crop.

What is the antonym of crooked?

crooked. Antonyms: straight, linear, direct, honest, straightforward. Synonyms: bent, incurved, angular, deformed, bowed, disfigured, turned, curved, awry, anfractuous, tortuous, underhanded.

What is another word for crop?

other words for cropoutput.produce.product.yield.crops.gathering.reaping.vintage.

What is the harvest?

The harvest is the time when you reap what you sow. As a verb, to harvest something means that you pick or gather it. You might harvest your sweet corn late in the summer. As a noun, harvest means the time of year when crops are ripe and ready to be gathered.