What Anime Should I Watch?

What is the #1 anime?

There are some true gems out there, which is important to know when sifting through, so here are the best anime of 2021….Death Note.

9.98 / 10.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

9.59 / 10.


9.31 / 10.

Attack on Titan.

9.74 / 10.

Dragon Ball Z.


Cowboy Bebop.

My Hero Academia.More items…•Sep 3, 2020.

Which is the most watched anime?

Fullmetal AlchemistTop 50 Most Viewed#titlerating1Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)8.652Death Note (TV)8.783Cowboy Bebop (TV)8.8948 more rows

How do I start watching anime?

28 Anime To Watch If You’re A Complete BeginnerDeath Note. Madhouse. Watch if you like: Psychological thrillers and the supernatural. … Sailor Moon. Toei Animation. … Attack on Titan. Wit Studio. … Cowboy Bebop. Sunrise. … Mawaru Penguindrum. Brain’s Base. … Dragon Ball Z. Toei Animation. … Claymore. Madhouse. … Toradora. J.C Staff.More items…•Nov 16, 2016

Is Naruto a anime?

Naruto (ナルト) is a Japanese anime series that was created, written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The show aired in Japan on October 3, 2002 to February 8, 2007.

Shingeki no KyojinThe most popular anime in Japan right now are: Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season 🐐 Jujutsu Kaisen. The Promised Neverland Season 2. Hataraku Saibou BLACK.

What anime should I watch 2020?

I’ve narrowed the list to seventeen shows, most of which could easily be watched in their entirety in just a few days.Arte. Funimation. … Ascendance of a Bookworm (Season 2) Crunchyroll Collection. … Beastars. TOHO animation チャンネル … Deca-Dence. Funimation. … Dorohedoro. … Golden Kamuy (Season 3) … Id: Invaded. … My Hero Academia (Season 4)Dec 18, 2020

What is the best anime to start with?

15 Best Anime for Beginners (2021)One Punch Man. One Punch Man (ワンパンマン), one of the most popular anime especially among foreign anime fans, is perfect for anime newcomers. … Naruto. … Your Name. … Attack on Titan. … Cowboy Bebop. … Dragon Ball. … Pokémon. … Sword Art Online.More items…

What is the Big 3 anime?

In anime fan communities, the “Big Three” were the top shounen manga/anime series who were so massively popular they were impossible to get away from, especially in anime fan circles. That used to mean Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. They were grouped together because of their mega-success.

What should my first anime be?

Many people got into anime by watching Pokémon first. If you’re in the mood for an adventure with different themes like maturation, characterization, and bits of tragedy, Naruto and One Piece is for you. If you prefer a lighter science fiction adventure, Cowboy Bebop is a nice anime to get into.

What is the top 1 Anime 2020?

The 15 Best Anime Of 2020 So Far, According To MyAnimeList8 Haikyuu!! To The Top.7 A Certain Scientific Railgun T.6 Fruits Basket (Season 2)5 Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!4 Dorohedoro.3 BanG Dream! (Season 3)2 Ascendance of a Bookworm (Season 2)1 Tower Of God.More items…•Sep 25, 2020

What anime has the best fight scenes?

The following anime feature some of the best battle scenes that the medium has to offer….With that in mind, this list has been updated to bring forward some more series that fans will love to have in the watch lists.1 Attack On Titan.2 One Piece. … 3 Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. … 4 Naruto. … 5 Bleach. … More items…•Jan 26, 2021