Quick Answer: Who Is The Famous Cartoon Character?

What is the highest rated cartoon?

Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995) …

Gravity Falls (2012–2016) …

The Simpsons (1989– ) …

South Park (1997– ) …

Archer (2009– ) …

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake (2010–2018) …

The Legend of Korra (2012–2014) TV-Y7-FV | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure.

Young Justice (2010– ) TV-PG | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure.More items…•May 20, 2016.

Which is the No 1 cartoon in the India?

Top 10 Cartoon Characters in IndiaMotu Patlu. Chota Bheem. … Motu Patlu. Motu and Patlu are stars of Lot Pot Comics and they have been a favourite among children for more than four decades. … Chota Bheem. Chota Bheem is one of the most loved Indian cartoons today. … Pakdam Pakdai. … Tom and Jerry. … Doraemon. … Mr. … Ben Ten.More items…

What’s a good cartoon?

Animation is a genre for all ages and all stories, no matter when you’re able to start watching.POPEYE THE SAILOR MEETS SINBAD THE SAILOR. … POKEMON. … DEXTER’S LABORATORY. … ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS. … RUGRATS, (c)Klasky-Csupo/courtesy Everett Collection. … “Scooby Doo” … “The Flintstones” … “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.”More items…•Sep 18, 2020

Is Tom and Jerry banned in India?

Tom and Jerry Banned in: Throughout the world. Reason: Smoking, alcohol, harmful substance abuse, and violence. Measures: Some episodes were banned, scenes were deleted, and characters were replaced.

Can old cartoons list?

Unlike the stupid cartoons, kids these days are forced to endure.Duck Tales. … Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. … Samurai Jack. … Batman: The Animated Series. … Powerpuff Girls. … Johnny Bravo. … SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. … Recess.More items…

Most Famous Cartoon Characters – Top RatedSr.No.NamesCreators1BarbieRuth Handler/ Mattel2Bugs BunnyBob Clampett/ Tex Avery/ Robert McKimson3Homer SimpsonMatt Groening4Mickey MouseWalt Disney/ Ub Iwerks6 more rows•Jan 17, 2016

What is the oldest adult cartoon?

The first animated television series, by many accounts, was Crusader Rabbit, which ran from 1950-1959.

The MandalorianThe Mandalorian, the new cartoon character of the year As a sequel to the famous Star Wars Saga, The Mandalorian and The child are undoubtedly the most popular cartoon characters this year. In addition, these characters appeal to children and adults, a whole audience within our reach!

Are cartoon cats real?

Cartoon Cat is the most (DATA EXPUNGED) of all the (DATA EXPUNGED)! … Cartoon Cat is a hostile cryptid and an urban legend created by Canadian horror artist, Trevor Henderson. He is a giant feline creature who resembles a 1930s era cartoon cat, hence his name.

What are the best cartoons of all time?

With that in mind, here is our ranking of the best animated shows of all time.1 of 25. “Bojack Horseman” Netflix. … 2 of 25. “Family Guy” Fox. … 3 of 25. “Batman: The Animated Series” Warner Bros. … 4 of 25. “South Park” … 5 of 25. “Gravity Falls” … 6 of 25. “Doug” … 7 of 25. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” … 8 of 25. “The Venture Bros.”More items…•5 days ago

Who is the most famous cartoon?

The 50 Best Cartoon Characters of All TimeLeonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) … Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers. … Mickey Mouse. Created: 1928. … SpongeBob Squarepants. Created: 1999. … Tom and Jerry. Created: 1941. … Charlie Brown and Snoopy (Peanuts) Created: 1950. … Homer J. Simpson (The Simpsons) … Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes) Created: 1940.More items…•Oct 10, 2020

Which is the No 1 cartoon in the world?

1 SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series created by marine biologist and animator the late Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon.

What are the top 10 cartoons?

Number 10: Kim Possible (2002) (source: Disney+) … Number 9: X-Men: The Animated Series (1992) (source: IMDB) … Number 6: The Simpsons (1989) … Number 5: Justice League (2001) … Number 4: Animaniacs (1993) … Number 3: Spongebob Squarepants (1999) … Number 2: Batman: The Animated Series. … Number 1: Avatar: The Last Airbender.May 22, 2020

These Are the Hottest Kids’ TV Shows to Watch as a Family This SeasonDC Super Hero Girls. Netflix. … Wizards: Tales of Arcadia: Netflix. … Super Monsters. Netflix. … Looney Tunes Cartoons. HBO Max. … True and the Rainbow Kingdom. Netflix. … T.O.T.S. Disney. … The Not-Too-Late Show With Elmo. Sesame Workshop. … Bluey. Disney.More items…•Aug 13, 2020

Which cartoon is banned in India?

Shin ChanIndia banned Shin Chan in 2008 after parents complained about the mischievous behaviour promoted by the cartoon. The show was aired in 2006 and soon became a matter of concern for guardians due to the use of inappropriate language and disrespect of adult characters in the show.

Who was the first Disney character?

Oswald the Lucky RabbitBefore Mickey Mouse, there was his predecessor: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. For the first time, we’re seeing footage of the first Disney character. The silent film in black and white dates back to 1928, when a young Walt Disney created Oswald.

Who was the first ever cartoon character?

OswaldHe starred in several animated short films released to theaters from 1927 to 1938. 27 animated Oswald shorts were produced at the Walt Disney Studio….Oswald the Lucky RabbitFirst appearanceTrolley Troubles (September 5, 1927)Created byWalt DisneyDesigned byWalt Disney Ub Iwerks Charles Mintz5 more rows

What is the most hated cartoon?

There are the 15 Most Annoying Cartoon Characters who you have no fond memories of, and would probably rather not remember at all.6 JERRY FROM TOM AND JERRY. … 5 DORA FROM DORA THE EXPLORER. … 4 THE ROAD RUNNER FROM LOONY TUNES. … 3 THE SMURFS FROM THE SMURFS. … 2 SNARF FROM THUNDERCATS. … 1 SCRAPPY DOO FROM SCOOBY DOO.More items…•May 14, 2016

Who is the most iconic cartoon character?

Mickey MouseMickey Mouse is by far the most iconic cartoon character and the mostg recognizable fictional character everyone around the world when shown a picture will recognize Mickey Mouse. Without a doubt, Mickey Mouse is the most Famous and Iconic cartoon character of the 20th and 21st century.

Several of the best current animated series have been on TV for decades. For instance, The Simpsons first premiered all the way back in 1989. Other top cartoons that appear on this good current animated series list include Family Guy, cult favorite Bob’s Burgers, and Rick & Morty.

Why are Indian cartoons so bad?

It is not that such movies do not exist or India doesn’t have good animation. … I think this is because many Indians ignore the entire purpose of animation and I’m pretty sure no even even took notice to these terrible animated series such as motu patlu, chota bheem or whatever.