Quick Answer: What Is Vinnie Short For Female?

What are the best nicknames?

Cute Best Friend NicknamesBoo.Mouse.Munchkin.Bee.Dolly.Precious.Bug.Chipmunk.More items…•Mar 13, 2020.

What does Vincenzo mean in Italian?

Vincenzo is an Italian male given name, derived from the Latin name Vincentius (the verb vincere means to win or to conquer).

What name is James in Italian?

Masculine NamesItalian/ SicilianPronunciationIn EnglishGiacobbojah-KOH-bohJames Jack, Jake, Jock JohnGiacomoJAH-koh-mohJames Jack, Jake, Jock JohnGioachinojoh-ah-KEE-nohJack, Jake, John101 more rows

Is Vincenzo a common name?

Vincenzo dates back to 1903 on the United States naming charts – most likely brought into circulation by Italian immigrants of the late 19th century and early 20th. … It’s just one of the lesser popular examples of Italian names currently in rotation in the United States.

What is Vinny short for?

Vince, Vinny, Vinnie, Vin. Related names. Vincentius, Vicente, Vincente, Vincenzo, Vincenza, Vincenzi, Vincentia, Vincențiu, Vinko, Vikentije, Vikenty, Vikentiy. Vinci, Vance. Vincent (Latin: Vincentius) is a male given name derived from the Roman name Vincentius, which is derived from the Latin word vincere (to …

What is Lettie a nickname for?

Lottie/Letty These were both typically dainty Victorian faves — Lottie short for Charlotte, and Letty for Letitia or Lettice. Yes, Lettice, once a well-used name.

Is Vinny an Italian name?

A submission from Canada says the name Vinny means “Winning or Conquering” and is of Italian origin.

Is Vincent An old name?

From the Roman name Vincentius, which was derived from Latin vincere meaning “to conquer”. … As an English name, Vincent has been in use since the Middle Ages, though it did not become common until the 19th century.

Is Vinny a girl’s name?

as a girls’ name (also used as boys’ name Vinny) has its root in Old English, and the name Vinny means “elf or magical being, friend”. Vinny is an alternate spelling of Alvina (Old English): feminine of Alvin. Vinny is also a derivative of Elvina (Old English).

Is Vinny a gender neutral name?

The name Vinny is a boy’s name of English origin.

Is Vincent a black name?

The race and Hispanic origin distribution of the people with the name VINCENT is 75.8% White, 10.4% Hispanic origin, 7.4% Black, 4.7% Asian or Pacific Islander, 1.3% Two or More Races, and 0.4% American Indian or Alaskan Native.

Is Enzo short for Vincenzo?

Enzo is an Italian given name derivative of the German name Heinz. It can be used also as the short form for Lorenzo, Vincenzo, Innocenzo, or Fiorenzo. It is most common in the Romance speaking world, particularly in Italy and Latin America but lately also in France and Spain.