Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Meaning Of Giant?

What is another word for giant?

What is another word for giant?hugeenormouscolossalgiganticimmensevastmammothtremendousmonstrousmonumental231 more rows.

What giant means?

1 : a legendary humanlike being of great stature and strength. 2a : a living being of great size. b : a person of extraordinary powers. 3 : something unusually large or powerful.

What is opposite of whispered?

rustling, susurration, whispering, voicelessness, rustle. whisper(verb) speak softly; in a low voice. Antonyms: shout.

What is a giant person called?

Synonyms. someone hulk fat person person giant fatso mortal whale heavyweight butterball roly-poly soul fatty somebody individual.

What does Leviathan mean?

leviathan \luh-VYE-uh-thun\ noun. 1 a often capitalized Leviathan : a sea monster defeated by Yahweh in various scriptural accounts. b : a large sea animal. 2 capitalized Leviathan : the political state; especially : a totalitarian state having a vast bureaucracy. 3 : something large or formidable.

What is synonym of diligent?

Some common synonyms of diligent are assiduous, busy, industrious, and sedulous. While all these words mean “actively engaged or occupied,” diligent suggests earnest application to some specific object or pursuit.

What is the antonym of afraid?

ANTONYMS FOR afraid 1 bold, confident, fearless.

What is the synonym and antonym of giant?

monster, heavyweight, whale, hulk, colossus, giant star, goliath, titan, behemoth, giant. Antonyms: little, small. elephantine, gargantuan, giant, jumbo(adj)

What is the opposite of meaning?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of possession of a similar meaning through paraphrasing. contrary. opposite.

What is bigger than a giant?

“Giant” is impressively greater-than normal, “huge” really impressively greater-than-normal, and “enormous” even more really impressively greater-than-normal. But other people may have other concepts of relative size.

What is the opposite of Giant?

What is the opposite of giant?runtdwarfhomunculuspeeweescrubpigmypygmydiminutivegnomehalf-pint12 more rows