Quick Answer: What Does Sugar Plum Smell Like?

What does philosophy cozy by the fire smell like?

philosophyCozy by the Fire shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath Limited Edition.

this holiday, lush layers of tropical jasmine and spicy red flowers bloom together in a rich lather, infusing this award-winning head-to-toe shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath with radiant fragrance..

What does philosophy candy cane smell like?

Smells just like peppermint candy canes.

What does a sugar plum look like?

A sugar plum can be a piece of dragée or hard candy made of hardened sugar in a small round or oval shape. … “Plum” in the name of this confection does not always mean plum in the sense of the fruit of the same name, but commonly refers to small size and spherical or oval shape.

What do holly berries smell like?

Holly Berry Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden smells like the warm and bright aroma of Christmas Holly. This Holiday scent is a well balanced blend of bayberry, pine, cinnamon, clove, and lemon rinds. The delightful citruses of bayberry and lemon rinds create a distinct character for this fragrance.

What does sugar plum fairy smell like?

It’s a very sweet smell, but not overpowering, but subtle and the sort of smell you would expect from a fruit like a cherry or an apple. If you like sweet smells, overpowering or not then you will adore this.

What does philosophy Snow Fairy smell like?

shower yourself in the scent of the season! new snow fairy shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath sparkles with tart and tangy pomegranate and grapefruit notes, balanced by soft tonka bean and musk.

What does philosophy gingerbread man smell like?

Ginger AleIt smells just like Ginger Ale.

What does philosophy sparkling Hollyberries smell like?

They smell like grape fruit and the scent is anything but over powering! It sticks to you and unlike most lotions and washes it doesn’t wear off!

Can you call a guy Buttercup?

“Buttercup” is an old-fashioned endearment. A hundred years ago, this would have been a compliment, like “sweetheart” or “dear”. Nowadays, it’s probably equivalent to being called cute. Usually that’s a nice thing or at least well-intended, but it’s also possible that he’s being patronizing.

Can you call someone sugar?

In literal terms, it’s a substance that is used to make food and drinks sweet. It’s also a vocative noun, and one a person might call someone they know and like. … Sugar shares its role as a term of affection with many other foods such as cinnamon, pudding, and even lamb.

Can I call you sugar plum?

Term of endearment; sweetheart, darling. A round or oval sweet/piece of candy made of boiled sugar. Alternative spelling of sugar-plum.