Quick Answer: How Do You Spell Bated Breath?

What does in a pickle mean?

to be in a difficult situation.

to have a problem where there is no immediate answer or solution.

to be in an unpleasant situation with no obvious way out..

Is Baiters a word?

BAITERS is a valid scrabble word.

What does the idiom crocodile tears mean?

Crocodile tears (or superficial sympathy) is a false, insincere display of emotion such as a hypocrite crying fake tears of grief.

What is the end all?

: something that stands as the ultimate goal or conclusion elucidating …

Where did the expression waiting with bated breath come from?

Bated breath is a phrase that means to hold one’s breath due to suspense, trepidation or fear. Bated breath is a phrase first mentioned in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. The word bated is an abbreviation of the word abated, meaning to lessen in severity or amount.

What does be all and end all mean?

The be all end all is defined as something or someone who is considered to be a perfect specimen or the best and most desired. An example of be-all-end-all is winning an Academy Award for a celebrity.

What does bait mean in UK slang?

Bait – obvious or simple. As in, ‘you’re so bait. ‘ Bangin’ – good. Bare – a lot of something.

What does cold comfort mean?

quite limited sympathy, consolation: quite limited sympathy, consolation, or encouragement.

What does it mean to be waiting with bated breath?

: in a nervous and excited state anticipating what will happen They waited for the answer on their application with bated breath.

How do you use bated breath in a sentence?

Example Sentences At the time of my annual results I would always be at home, waiting with bated breath for my parents to come back and announce it to me. She waited with bated breath to unwrap her birthday presents after the guests would leave.

What does waiting with bells on mean?

Eager; ready to participateMeaning: Eager; ready to participate. Example: Origin: This phrase is frequently used in reply to a party invitation and the common format in that case is to indicate one’s enthusiasm with ‘I’ll be there with bells on!’

What does the word baited mean?

verb. baited; baiting. Kids Definition of bait (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : to put something (as food) on or in to attract and catch fish or animals bait a trap. 2 : to torment by mean or unjust attacks They baited him by using a nickname he hated.

Where does the saying cat got your tongue?

Cat got your tongue? Origin: The English Navy used to use a whip called “Cat-o’-nine-tails” for flogging. The pain was so severe that it caused the victim to stay quiet for a long time. Another possible source could be from ancient Egypt, where liars’ and blasphemers’ tongues were cut out and fed to the cats.

What does a dime a dozen mean?

So plentiful as to be valueless. For example, Don’t bother to buy one of these—they’re a dime a dozen.

Why do we say fit as a fiddle?

The violin was picked out as the exemplar because of the alliteration of fit and fiddle, and because the violin is a beautifully shaped instrument producing a very particular sound. But then fit came to mean ‘in good physical shape’ and so fit as a fiddle came to mean ‘in good condition physically’.

Why is it called hooky?

play hooky Add to list Share. … A bride might play hooky from her wedding, or a pilot could play hooky from work, leaving her plane sitting on the runway. The phrase comes from nineteenth century New York City slang, and it’s thought to have its roots in the Dutch word hoekje, or “hide-and-seek.”

What does fancy free mean?

1 : free from amorous attachment or engagement footloose and fancy-free. 2 : free to imagine or fancy.