Question: 702 Group Songs

What happened Orish Grinstead?

Original member Orish Grinstead, twin sister of Irish, died on April 20, 2008, from kidney failure at the age of 27.

She can be seen as one of the original four members of 702 in the video, “This Lil’ Game We Play” with Subway and has a brief cameo in the video, “Steelo”..

How old is Irish Grinstead?

27 years (1980–2008)Orish Grinstead/Age at death

Who discovered 702?

Michael Bivins702 was discovered by Michael Bivins of New Edition and made their recorded debut on Subway’s hit single “This Lil’ Game We Play”. Missy Elliott wrote and co-produced four songs from their first album, No Doubt, including “Steelo”.

What is a soul child?

Meaning, you begin to take on the characteristics of the higher side of one number when you are healthy, and the lower side of another number when you are stressed. … The idea behind the theory of the Soul Child is that we *were actually born more like the number that we move towards in growth.

What is wrong with Musiq Soulchild’s eye?

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Why did the group 702 break up?

On why she ultimately left 702: “I think the public needs to know that those things eventually weakened us and that’s why we had to separate. It just became a toxic and unhealthy environment. I just felt uncomfortable after a while and it got ugly by the third album.

Who died from the Group 702?

Orish GrinsteadHot Off The Presses: 702 Member Dies, Eve’s Panic Attack & More. Orish Grinstead, a founding member of girl trio 702, reportedly died of kidney failure Sunday (April 20) in her Las Vegas home.

Where is the group 702 from?

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States702/Origin

Who is Musiq Soulchild wife?

Philly crooner Musiq Soulchild and ex-girlfriend Ashley “Tiyumba” Wright welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world late last month, with Wright sharing the first images of little Satori Solaris this weekend. Born right into papa’s (@musiqsoulchild) hands.

What happened to the members of 702?

Orish Grinstead, one of the founding members of the R&B group 702, died this week of kidney failure, BET reported. Grinstead, 27, suffered from cancer and other undisclosed ailments and was expected not to recover, the website reported. She died on April 20.

Where is Musiq Soulchild now?

The artist formerly known as Musiq Soulchild is now an Atlanta-based rapsinger who refers to his former self in the third person.