Is Number The Stars A True Story?

Is Number the Stars fiction or nonfiction?

Number the Stars is historical fiction set during WWII in Nazi occupied Denmark.

10-year-old Annemarie Johansen risks her life to help the Rosens, her Jewish friends, escape to safety in Sweden..

What did Annemarie go to jail for?

She was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm during commission of a felony and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Who is Lise and what happened to her?

Lise was Annemarie’s eldest sister. She died when she was about eighteen years old, two weeks to her wedding to Peter Neilsen. According to Annemarie’s parents, Lise was part of the Resistance—a group of people who fought against the Nazis using whatever means at their disposal.

How old is Lois Lowry now?

84 years (March 20, 1937)Lois Lowry/Age

What religion do the Rosens practice?

The Rosens are Jewish; Nazis were persecuting them.

What is Number the Stars based on?

Number the Stars is a work of historical fiction by the American author Lois Lowry about the escape of a Jewish family, the Rosens, from Copenhagen, Denmark, during World War II. The story centers on ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen, who lives with her mother, father, and sister Kirsti in Copenhagen in 1943.

Why is Number the Stars historical fiction?

Number the Stars also qualifies as historical fiction and war drama because, well, it’s set in 1940s Denmark during the middle of World War II. But just because a book is set in a specific time period, we can’t go ahead and call it historical fiction.

Why was Number the Stars Banned?

The book was banned in South Africa in 1979 for no given reason. In 2001, the book was pulled from library shelves at a high school in La Mirada, California for its sexual content. The decision was protested by students and later returned to the school library.

Who died in Number the Stars?

Peter NielsenPeter Nielsen has died. He was shot in a public square for his involvement in the Resistance. Annemarie’s parents tell her that Lise was a member of the Resistance, too, and that she did not die in an accident, but was killed by the Germans.

Who is GF duckwitz in number the stars?

G.F. Duckwitz is mentioned in the Afterword of Number the Stars. He is the real German officer who informed Denmark that the Nazis were coming to…

Who died in Number the Stars Chapter 8?

Uncle Henrik says that he will be sleeping on the boat tonight, and that he will be leaving early in the morning. Then Henrik announces that great-aunt Birte, a very old woman, has died. She will rest in Henrik’s living room, he says, until her funeral is held the next day.

How did Lise die?

She would have been twenty-one in 1943, but she died in a car accident at the age of 18. At the time of her death, Lise was engaged to Peter Neilsen, who is still like family to the Johansens. At the end of the novel, Annemarie learns that Lise was run over by German soldiers after attending a Resistance meeting.

Why did Mama lie to Annemarie Number the Stars?

Why does Mama lie to Annemarie? Mama lies to protect Annemarie from knowing too much, in case they are confronted by the soldiers. What is the surprise Ellen receives during the funeral of Great-aunt Birte? … Mama tells the soldiers that her aunt had died from typhus.

What religion is Annemarie in Number the Stars?

Christian girlAnnemarie is the protagonist, or main character in the novel, and can be seen as the heroine. She is a tall, blonde, ten-year-old Christian girl living in Copenhagen, Denmark during World War II. Annemarie is a dynamic character.

How old was Lise when she died in Number the Stars?

18 years oldAnswer and Explanation: Lise is the oldest daughter of the Johansen family and dies when she is 18 years old: “Lise was a grownup girl of eighteen, then, about to be married to Peter Neilsen.” The real circumstances of her death are not revealed until the end of the novel when the war is over.

What errand did Mama Send Annemarie and Kirsti on?

Number the Stars FinQuestionAnswerHow had the war affected people?The people of Copenhagen could not get certain foods such as butter, coffee, and sugar.Who were Christian X’s bodyguards?all of DenmarkWhat country did the Germans not invade?SwedenWhat errand did Mama send Annemarie and Kirsti on?to buy a button45 more rows

Why did Annemarie hide Ellen’s necklace?

The necklace is a symbol of the sisterhood and shared identity between Ellen and Annemarie. … Annemarie hides the necklace away, promising Ellen that she’ll keep it for her until it’s safe for Ellen to wear the necklace again.

What did Annemarie do with Ellen’s necklace?

What did Annemarie do with Ellen’s necklace? Annemarie hid Ellen’s necklace in a safe and secret place where no one would find it. Annemarie said she would keep it there for Ellen until it was safe for her to wear it again.