How Do You Write A Quality Comment?

How do you write meaningful comments?

How do we write a meaningful comment?Comments that feel more meaningful often include a clue that you have read the post.

I often do this by pointing out a thing that I agree a lot with.

Compliments never hurt.

Length is another thing..

What should I write on my report card comment?

________ works independently and takes pride in work done well.________ is focused in class and willingly participates in group discussion.________ is very conscientious and shows excellent effort and care with daily work.________ demonstrates a willing and conscientious effort in his/her daily work.More items…•Apr 30, 2018

How do you write an introduction to a comment?

Use the introduction to get the reader’s attention and interest in the topic. Define the problem you are going to discuss and provide a short overview on what you think and why. Summarize the most important arguments that best support your opinion.

Why can’t I comment on YouTube?

The most common reason you can’t comment on a YouTube video is the video creator has turned off the comments feature for one or more of their videos. If the video has any controversial content, the video creator may block comments to prevent any unwanted messages or spam.

Can you like your own comment on YouTube?

TIL Youtube punishes you for liking your own comments.

How do you write a good report card comment?

The student:is a conscientious, hard-working a self-motivated student.consistently completes homework assignments.puts forth their best effort into homework assignments.exceeds expectations with the quality of their work.readily grasps new concepts and ideas.More items…

How do I comment on a photo?

Below are some of the fantastic comments for pics on FB to help you out.Your charm is irresistible.You look strong and confident.That is a perfect gentleman picture.That is a killer picture.This pic is lit and impressive.You are looking like a Rockstar.You are looking damn handsome brother!Always smart.More items…•Aug 7, 2020

What should I write in comment?

Top ten tips for writing a great commentRead the article. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many comments can be answered with the words “it says in the article”.Respond to the article. … … Read the other comments. … Make it clear who you’re replying to. … Use the return key. … Avoid sarcasm. … Avoid unnecessary acronyms. … Use facts.More items…

What should I comment on someone’s post?

25 Comments To Hype Up Your Friends On Instagram & Make Them Smile”You were born to make history.””The world wants to thank you for gracing us with this selfie.””Sorry, gonna be late to hang out because I had to stop and admire this pic for way too long.”More items…•Dec 21, 2019

What are examples of positive feedback?

A good example of positive feedback involves the amplification of labor contractions. The contractions are initiated as the baby moves into position, stretching the cervix beyond its normal position. The feedback increases the strength and frequency of the contractions until the baby is born.

What is the best comment for a beautiful picture?

What a stunning view !!! Beauty at its best… Excellent Drama of colors!!!Amazing, I have never seen a photo like this.Expressions !! Gorgeous !! Pretty beautiful !!!Oh! … In nature, light creates color. … This picture is better than better.The beauty has no boundaries in this picture.Perfect click without any doubt.More items…•Nov 3, 2019

How do you comment on YouTube nothing?

Empty / Blank Comment on YouTube Go to the Comments Section of the YouTube Video where you want to make a comment on Mobile or PC. Paste the Blank Character which you copied in step 1 into the comment section. Click on “Comment” or hit enter. Enjoy!

How many YouTube comments can you have?

There is no such limit YouTube has defined for commenting but If you are commenting as a visitor then you can comment as much as you want.

How do you write positive comment?

Participationlistens attentively to the responses of others.follows directions.takes an active role in discussions.enhances group discussion through insightful comments.shares personal experiences and opinions with peers.responds to what has been read or discussed in class and as homework.More items…•Jul 22, 2012

How do you write a good comment on Facebook?

Best Praising Sentences for Comment on FacebookYou’ve outdone yourself, dynamite.You just made my day, hurray for you.Outstanding performance, you are tops.You deserve a star, outstanding.Out of sight! Two thumbs up.You are an inspiration, gorgeous.You are very responsible, exceptional.How thoughtful, you have got what it takes.More items…

How do you comment on YouTube?

Once you sign in, you’ll be able to comment on YouTube videos:Scroll down to the Comments section. It’s below the description of the video.Click into the line that says, “Add a public comment…”Add your comment.Click the COMMENT box.Aug 14, 2019

How do you praise someone?

Complimenting the Whole PersonI appreciate you.You are the most perfect you there is.You are enough.You’re all that and a super-size bag of chips.On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re an 11.You’ve got all the right moves.Everything would be better if more people were like you.More items…