How Do You Say Someone Is Dirty?

What are different ways to say dirty?

other words for dirtycrummy.disheveled.dusty.grimy.messy.muddy.murky.unkempt..

What is a ditty?

: an especially simple and unaffected song.

What does I have to dirty you mean?

slang To mistreat or deceive one. I can’t believe that you’re the one who did me dirty and sabotaged my presentation!

How do you describe a messy house?

If someone’s house or apartment is messy, here are some phrases and English expressions that you can use to describe it: There are clothes strewn all over the floor. There’s food splattered all over the microwave. There are crumbs all over the counter.

How do you describe a messy hair?

Words to Describe Messy Hairbad hair daybedheadclumpytousledtowheadeduncombeduncontrollableunkemptunmanageableunrulyunstyleduntameduntidywindblownwindswept3 more rows

How do you describe a messy person?

The definition of unkempt is someone or something untidy, disheveled or in disrepair. Imprecise or loose. (Informal) Messy; disordered, untidy, rumpled, etc. … The definition of slovenly is someone or something that is messy, overly casual or careless in their actions.

How do you say disgusting in a nice way?

adjectiverevolting, repellent, repulsive, sickening, nauseating, nauseous, stomach-churning, stomach-turning, off-putting, unpalatable, unappetizing, uninviting, unsavoury, distasteful, foul, nasty, obnoxious, odious.North American vomitous.informal yucky, icky, gross, sick-making, gut-churning.British informal grotty.More items…

What is something dirty?

The definition of dirty is something soiled, unclean or impure. A job that causes your hands to become covered in filth is an example of a dirty job. A dish that has bits of old food on it is an example of a dirty dish. Impure or sinful thoughts are an example of dirty thoughts.

What’s a big word for disgusting?

SYNONYMS FOR disgusting loathsome, sickening, nauseous, repulsive, revolting, repugnant, abhorrent, detestable.

How do you use disgusting?

Disgusting sentence example”Well there certainly are disgusting people,” thought Rostov as he entered. … “The mob is terrible– disgusting ,” he said to himself in French. … “I know you’re jealous, but this is disgusting ,” he said in a low voice so sharp she jumped.More items…

What does calling someone dirty mean?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] If you describe something such as a joke, a book, or someone’s language as dirty, you mean that it refers to sex in a way that some people find offensive. They told dirty jokes and sang raucous ballads. Dirty is also an adverb.

Why you do me dirty meaning?

Filters. (idiomatic) To deliberately treat someone in an unfair or harmful manner.

What do you call a messy room?

slum. noun. informal a house or room that is very dirty or untidy.

What is opposite of dirty?

Opposite of covered or marked with an unclean substance. clean. hygienic. immaculate. spotless.

How do you describe horrible food?

Rancid food is bad, stale, rotten, completely off; the opposite of fresh food. Rank means pungent but in the fetid, smelly, foul, stale, rancid, definitely bad way; offensive to the smell or taste and not fresh. … Salty food is sure to be savory.