Can Mori Jin Beat Goku?

Is Mori Jin the strongest?

Jin Mori is the protagonist of God of High School and also the strongest character in the God of High School anime and also the Webtoon.

His real identity is of a God, Sun Wukong also he is the leader of the Mount Hwagwa Monkeys and one of the Nine Kings of the Sage Realm..

Is Mori Jin faster than Goku?

Mori really does has flat out insane speed feats. If we’re using Z Goku, Mori is faster than him by a HUGE margin. Super Goku however gets much higher scaling so I’d give it to him at this point.

Can Giorno beat Goku?

Giorno won’t be able to kill Goku. I’m pretty sure Goku can still get hurt at his base form, because he did get hurt by bullets after achieving Super Saiyan God Red, so I think Giorno could just throw rocks at light speed or faster at him while he’s in base form.

What did Jin Mori eat?

Mori was not given the Divine Pellet but instead ate it himself. Just before his fight with Judge Q, he was summoned by Bongchim Nah, one of The Six. After reaching the room where he was imprisoned, out of hunger, Mori ate an unknown fruit, i.e., the Divine Pellet.

Is Jin Mori based off Goku?

In essence, The God of High School has seemingly all but confirmed that Mori shares the same source of inspiration as Dragon Ball’s Goku, and may just be a modern incarnation of the Monkey King himself.

Can Naruto beat Jin Mori?

Naruto respects his opponent, and doesn’t hold back much, he wins with little difficulty. Here’s how it goes : Jin Mori senses that Naruto is strong, he becomes restless and tries to fight him. … Naruto respects his opponent, and doesn’t hold back much, he wins with little difficulty.

Is Mori Jin a God?

He is introduced as an arrogant, carefree child obsessed with fighting. However his true identity is that of the great God Sun Wukong (The Monkey King), the leader of the Mount Hwagwa Monkey and one of the Nine Kings of the Sage Realm.

How Fast Is Jin Mori?

16,000,000,000 miles/1 secondSpeed: 4,763/. 0000003 seconds or roughly 16,000,000,000 miles/1 second.

Can Naruto beat Goku?

4 Naruto Wins: He’s Smarter Than Goku Since Goku is excessively strong, he defeats his enemies using his strength. … He can use his vast experience in the battlefield to easily come up with a strategy that can stop Goku, if not defeat him fully.

Can Goku destroy a universe?

Goku did not produce the universe destroying waves or super concentrated ki by himself. He didn’t even do it consciously. Beerus had to “assist” and no one besides Zeno has ever been stated to be able to destroy the universe on their own.

Is Jin Mori stronger than Jin taejin?

Mori currently has supposedly surpassed Taejin by applying recoilless to all of his renewal techniques. If you mean then technique then you could argue mori wins using current mori dan but if you mean power (current mori) he would be slighyly outclassed by taejin jin. …

How strong does Jin Mori get?

Currently, Mori can increase his power up to x250,000 in Monkey King mode.

What is Mori Jin borrowed power?

Charyeok. Hui Mo-Ri: Jin Mo-Ri, in his fight against 666:Satan, borrow the power of Mo-Ri Hui, his clone who ascended and become his own person, essentially becoming his contractor.

Who makes highschool God?

Saeho Song Joseph ChouThe God of High SchoolProduced bySaeho Song Joseph ChouWritten byKiyoko YoshimuraMusic byArisa OkehazamaStudioMAPPA18 more rows

Can Goku beat Saitama?

Goku can only beat Saitama when Goku uses master ultra instinct? That’s like saying a human can only kill an ant by bombarding it with nuclear weapons. Saitama is very strong, but he’s nowhere near the level of power Goku is at. Saitama’s feats don’t scale anywhere near what Goku has accomplished.

Is Monkey King a God?

In Chinese mythology, Sun Wukong (孫悟空), also known as the Monkey King, is a trickster god who plays a central role in Wu Cheng’en’s adventure novel Journey to the West. … Wukong is blessed with unmatched superhuman strength and the ability to transform into 72 different animals and objects.