A Sneak Peek!

February 8 2012

Here’s a new song and cartoon music video currently in production. The song is called “When You Were 1″ and it celebrates a child’s life and special moments from ages 1-5.¬†This song features Mike on vocals and has a big Randy Newman and Sara Bareilles influence. We hope you enjoy it! The finished version will be published in March 2012.

Here’s Santa and Baby!

December 4 2011

Happy holidays from Debbie and Friends!

Santa & Baby - a sneak preview

November 10 2011

Did you ever see a picture and think to yourself… “THAT wants to be a SONG”? Well, that’s exacly what I thought when I saw the following picture of my friend Beth Oram’s little dog named Baby.

Baby! Photo by Beth Oram Photography.

It looked to me like this little puppy just wanted to be part of Santa’s team! So, Mike and I wrote the song, we recorded it one night a couple of weeks ago with some friends at Berklee. The groove is inspired by the Spin Doctors (Yeah!), and the message for this Christmas song is about giving, helping friends, and taking steps to make your dreams come true.

Our friends at Planet Sunday are hard at work on the cartoon version. The following is an “animation rough” also known as a storyboard. The finished version of this cartoon music video will be ready in time for Christmas 2011! We always like to give our fan families an inside view at what’s in the works!

Enjoy the (preproduction) story of “Santa & Baby”!


Walk Away

August 20 2011

I’m so happy to present our new cartoon music video designed to help kids who are dealing with bullies.

Meet Lucy Lou, her dog named Boo and their friends!

Taking on Bullying - a sneak preview

July 15 2011

That’s right! Debbie and Friends is taking on bullying with a new dance number called “Walk Away,” and we’re excited to share a sneak preview with you!

The cartoon music video is in production right now. The following is our rough sketch storyboard version.

As you know from previous cartoon music videos, the storyboard contains the song and the general visual direction of the cartoon. After the storyboard is approved, the animators start the hard work of coloring and animating. It takes 30 drawings for every second of animation, so there is a lot of work ahead!

The band and I hope you enjoy the new song. “Walking away” is one of the strategies taught for dealing with bullies. I hope it proves helpful for some of our young friends who may experience bullying.

The final version of the cartoon music video will be ready in September!


Take the Wendell Cartoon Challenge!

June 17 2011

I’m so happy to introduce you to our new cartoon music video, “Wendell”! You may recall the song from our second CD, More Story Songs and Sing Alongs. In the cartoon version, Wendell is a boy who shows us that when you use your imagination, you can overcome obstacles and make your dreams come true!

Enjoy Wendell’s adventures and try to find two challenges:
1. When does “the spider” appear that is in every Debbie and Friends cartoon?
2. What is the “Debbie” character supposed to be in this cartoon?

If you have the answers, email them to Debbie [@] debbieandfriends.net along with your email address and your child’s first name. I’ll send a personalized congratulations email with a Debbie and Friends coloring page and Fan Club PDF to you for your child. Challenge ends July 9. Congratulations emails will be sent on July 10.

Good luck with the Wendell Challenge!


Wendell Cartoon - Storytelling Differently

April 14 2011

Today more than ever, video is an essential way to break through the noise and reach new fans with music. For Debbie and Friends, cartoon music videos are a great vehicle for this.

I’m always pleasantly surprised to learn that families from all over the world discover Debbie and Friends music every day through our YouTube channel and various cable outlets.

Many of our songs are based on classic tales, and therefore well suited for visual presentation. Some of our songs are not based on stories and I was always convinced those songs were not good candidates for video. “Wendell” in particular, is a cumulative movement song about a boy who finds a toy Robot. The Robot adds a new physical challenge with each verse. It’s fun to perform, but I couldn’t imagine it as a music video. My amazing animator, Goichi Hirata from Planet Sunday, had another idea. He suggested that we approach it differently and tell the story from the perspective of Wendell’s imagination. For children, the Robot will represent hope and a doorway to, literally and figuratively, scaling walls and overcoming life’s obstacles. Brilliant! Needless to say, I was very excited about Goichi’s idea and we’re moving forward with the project!

To help with some production questions and to include our fan families in the process, we held a “pick Wendell’s hair color” poll on Facebook. (Purple hair won!) Here are some initial images Goichi came up with for the cartoon characters in the song.

Wendell finds the Toy Robot.
Wendell and the Robot flying.
Wendell and the Robot arriving at the Toy Fair parade!

And, here’s the storyboard version of the animation.

I feel so fortunate to be able to work with such talented and creative people as Goichi Hirata and Greg David at Planet Sunday, and to share the stages of development with our Debbie and Friends fan families. I hope you enjoy learning about the process behind our cartoons, and will share this information with your kids in anticipation of this new video coming out in June!.

DVD Concert Memories

April 14 2011
What a fun crowd filled with friends at the Regent Theatre!

Thank you to everyone who came to our show at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA on Saturday, March 26, to celebrate the release of our new DVD, STORY SONGS & SING ALONGS and to sing along with our special guests and good friends, Bob McGrath from Sesame Street and Darcel Wilson.

Here are some pictures from our fun time together! (Thanks to Beth Oram Photography for “capturing happy”!)

Debbie and Bob McGrath singing “Sing a Song” with everyone.
Darcel Wilson, Mike Carrera and Debbie Cavalier
Our fans and friends!
Our own Eric Saulnier on guitar!
Our dancing band!
Having fun!
Bob McGrath!
Story Songs & Sing Alongs DVD.

Our new DVD is available on our Web site .

Thanks again, everyone! I hope to see you at another D&F concert soon!


March 26, DVD Release Concert Featuring Bob McGrath

March 4 2011
The new Debbie and Friends DVD

Dear Friends,

For the past two years, we‚Äôve had CD release concerts at the Regent Theatre. This year, it’s going to be a little different. We are releasing a new product, but this time it’s our first Debbie and Friends DVD (YAY!) AND we are also featuring two very special guest artists!

Bob McGrath, of Sesame Street fame, will be joining us on stage for a few songs!

Bob McGrath

We will also have the amazing and talented Darcel Wilson performing with us!

Darcel Wilson

The band and I couldn’t be more excited!

Please join us on Saturday, March 26th at 10:30am. The Regent Theatre is located at 7 Medford Street, Arlington, MA.

Don’t wait! Call for tickets 781-646-4849, or order online here: http://www.regenttheatre.com/details/debbie_friends

Ticket Prices (general admission):
$8.00 – Kids (12 and under)
$8.00 – Seniors
$10.00 – Adults

The band and I hope to see you at the show!

- Debbie


Behind the Scenes!

February 2 2011

Debbie and Friends is hard at work on our new DVD to be released on March 29, 2011.

On December 18, we performed a live action concert shoot for the DVD at Berklee College of Music’s CAFE 939. The following is a fun “Outtakes Video” featuring some special moments from that day.

    Story Songs and Sing Alongs CD

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