Welcome to Debbie and Friends

October 24 2013

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A Fun Skit: Band Practice & The Lion Sleeps Tonight (A cappella)

September 8 2013

Band practice doesn’t start out quite the way Debbie planned, but the end result has a nice musical surprise! As you listen, see if you can pick out Mike, Rory, Eric and Billy on the recording. Which band member wants to add juggling to the show?

A New Song that Teaches Harmony

May 26 2013

Here’s a sneak preview of our new song called “I Got A Song.” It’s about two friends, each with a song in their head. They sing their melodies for each other and then put them together to form harmony. Have fun singing along with Mike and Debbie! (Cartoon version coming soon!)

FREE Song Download Coupons for your Trick or Treaters!

October 28 2012

Hi Everyone!

The band and I want to wish you and your family a very fun, safe, and happy Halloween! The widget below leads to a file containing free song download coupons you can give to your trick or treaters along with the candy and other treats you have planned this year. Just download the file, print, cut and distribute. Warning: this is not a replacement for candy! ; )

Happy Halloween!


Jack, the movie…

August 10 2009

Coming soon… the new Debbie and Friends animated feature based on our “Jack and the Beanstalk” song. Here are some pictures of the characters coming to a screen near you!

“Jack and the Beanstalk, the movie, with music by Debbie and Friends… Coming soon!

“Little Red Riding Hood” Cartoon!

August 5 2009

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to present our new animated feature based on the “Little Red Riding Hood” song by Debbie and Friends.

Thanks to our good friends Greg David and Goichi Hirata from Planet Sunday for the amazing animation work, and to Rob Heath at Barkley Studios for the incredible character graphics! Thanks to Mike Carrera for producing the music and all of the wonderful musicians who sang and played on the recording!

I hope you and your family enjoy it!

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