A New Song that Teaches Harmony

May 26 2013

Here’s a sneak preview of our new song called “I Got A Song.” It’s about two friends, each with a song in their head. They sing their melodies for each other and then put them together to form harmony. Have fun singing along with Mike and Debbie! (Cartoon version coming soon!)

Pinocchio - in production

May 24 2012

Hi Everyone!

I’m happy to share a behind-the-scenes look at our production rough of “Pinocchio” by Debbie and Friends. The audio is a rough demo and the visual is a storyboard.

The final version will be a late summer release. We’ll keep you posted along the way!


Santa & Baby - a sneak preview

November 10 2011

Did you ever see a picture and think to yourself… “THAT wants to be a SONG”? Well, that’s exacly what I thought when I saw the following picture of my friend Beth Oram’s little dog named Baby.

Baby! Photo by Beth Oram Photography.

It looked to me like this little puppy just wanted to be part of Santa’s team! So, Mike and I wrote the song, we recorded it one night a couple of weeks ago with some friends at Berklee. The groove is inspired by the Spin Doctors (Yeah!), and the message for this Christmas song is about giving, helping friends, and taking steps to make your dreams come true.

Our friends at Planet Sunday are hard at work on the cartoon version. The following is an “animation rough” also known as a storyboard. The finished version of this cartoon music video will be ready in time for Christmas 2011! We always like to give our fan families an inside view at what’s in the works!

Enjoy the (preproduction) story of “Santa & Baby”!


In Concert with Bob McGrath

May 19 2011

Thank you to everyone who came to our sold-out show at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA on Saturday, March 26, to celebrate the release of our new DVD, STORY SONGS & SING ALONGS. We had a great time singing along with our special guests and good friends Bob McGrath from Sesame Street and Darcel Wilson. Here is a video of our last song that day.

Recorded LIVE at WERS 88.9 FM!

March 21 2011
Debbie & Friends on WERS Live!

Debbie and Friends had really fun time playing LIVE in the WERS studios on March 20, with Host “Ginger Snap” of The Playground. We sang songs, told stories, and even had a special guest appearance with The Big Bad Wolf, who stars in a a number of our recordings. If you missed it, don’t worry! The following is a recording of our WERS on-air debut. Thank you, WERS The Playground and “DJ Ginger Snap”! Debbie and Friends thinks you ROCK!

Debbie & Friends LIVE on WERS FM by Debbie and Friends

Here are some pictures from our time on the air!

Debbie singing on WERS Live!
Mike singing on WERS Live!
Rory and Kevin playing on WERS Live!
DJ Ginger Snap and Billy on WERS Live!

Behind the Scenes!

February 2 2011

Debbie and Friends is hard at work on our new DVD to be released on March 29, 2011.

On December 18, we performed a live action concert shoot for the DVD at Berklee College of Music’s CAFE 939. The following is a fun “Outtakes Video” featuring some special moments from that day.

Cinderella is here!

January 24 2011

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for voting for your favorite “fairy”! As you know, the fairy Godfather won the fairy contest by popular demand, and he’s read to make his cartoon debut!

Presenting Debbie and Friends’ “Cinderella” song. It’s the classic tale with a twist, including self-esteem and friendship messages for kids.


Thank you to Planet Sunday for the amazing animation work! You guys are the greatest!

Debbie and Friends DVD Shoot - Cafe 939 Berklee

December 19 2010

Yesterday, the band and I had the great opportunity to make music with some of our fan families as a 4-camera crew and audio recording team captured our time together at Berklee’s Cafe 939.

The videos will be part of our new DVD, scheduled to be released on March 29, 2011. We’ll have a special DVD release concert at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA on March 26 (mark your calendars!) Click here to order tickets.

The DVD shoot was a such a fun time! My favorite moments were when all of the families were singing our songs along with us, as strongly as the band. Very special!

The following are some pictures from the day.

Mike and Debbie
Debbie and Friends Fans
Un-Freezing the Band!
Debbie, Eric, and the kids!
Mike and Sue

D&F Remix Contest, Winner Announced!

May 7 2010

Thanks for all of your interest in the Debbie and Friends GarageBand Remix Contest. It’s been great fun!

The winner is Boogie Cindy from the Boogie Wonder Band, and 12-year old Ala?Øa Lamontagne. Congratulations to Cindy and Ala?Øa for producing a very creative rendition of ‚ÄúWilly Won‚Äôt‚Äù complete with a percussion break, vocal effects, a kids shout-out chorus, and much more.

As you will hear, they transformed “Willy Won’t” from its original Southern-rock feel to that of an Electronica tune. It’s very cool! To hear the winning track, check out the music player on the Remix Contest Site:

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and congratulations to Boogie Cindy and the Boogie Wonder Band from Quebec, Canada. Your prizes are on the way!

Debbie & Friends Remix Contest

February 26 2010

Calling all Kids (and their Parents): Create a Debbie and Friends Remix in GarageBand and enter your remix to win some great prizes!

Here’s a chance to try your hand as a record producer. Between now and April 4, families can play around with the tracks of “Willy Won’t,” a new song from our forthcoming CD, More Story Songs & Sing Alongs, to create their own version.

It is easy to enter the contest at http://debbieandfriendsremix.ning.com/.

Contestants may download the Garageband file to the song “Willy Won’t” from the contest site, and load it into their GarageBand app on their Mac computer. The family mix engineers can then record additional tracks, raise or lower the volume on existing tracks, add special effects, and add their own special touches to create a unique version of “Willy Won’t.”

Contestants must submit their remix entries by Sunday, April 4th, as instructed on the contest site.

All entries will be considered, and the winner will be announced on Monday, April 5th. The winners will receive great prizes from Debbie and Friends including CDs, music instructional books, t-shirts and other great gear. The winning remix will also be featured on this blog.

Here’s the original version.

Let’s hear what yours will sound like! Good luck!

Beth Blenz-Clucas, Sugar Mountain PR
(503) 293-9498 beth@sugarmountainpr.com

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