Thank you!

November 25 2012

Thank you to our wonderful fans who came out to see us at the beautiful Norwood Theatre last weekend for our “Concert with a Cause”! What a fantastic crowd: 400 strong all singing and dancing! It was a a lot of fun.
The Norwood Theatre

Thank you also for the generous donations you brought to the show for our Clothing Drive in honor of the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I delivered everything to Long Beach Island, NJ last week where the donations are all very much needed.
Hurricane Sandy Donations

Thank you again, everyone. I hope to see you all again soon!

Concert Sat. Nov 17 - Clothing Drive for Sandy Victims

November 10 2012

Please join Debbie and Friends at the beautiful newly-renovated Norwood Theatre this Saturday, Nov. 17 at 10:30am in Norwood, MA. Here’s a link to tickets and more information. *Please bring a bag of gently-worn clothes, blankets, etc. to donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.* Debbie will deliver to NJ the next day.

The band and I hope to see you at the show!


Becca Plays the Bass - A Grandparent’s Day Tribute

September 10 2012

In honor of Grandparent’s Day, I’m presenting our new cartoon music video “Becca Plays the Bass.”

The song was inspired by my 14-year old niece, Becca, who is an amazing musician and great bass player. The cartoon pays tribute to my grandfather (Becca’s GREAT grandfather) Marty Gold. He is the reason I became a musician.

Marty Gold, Musician and Debbie’s Grandfather

The cartoon includes a special cameo of Grandpa Gold (He’s the band leader at the beginning and in the middle of the piece). Happy Grandparent’s Day everyone!

Becca Plays the Bass - Storyboard Rough

July 11 2012

This is the story of Becca (my niece). She is a fourth grade student trying to select the instrument she will play in the school band. She always dreamed of playing an instrument and has a great time finding just the right instrument to play.

The cartoon also includes fourth grade versions of the Debbie and Friends band. (Think Looney Tunes vs Tiny Tunes) We call them “Little Debbie and Friends.”

Enjoy our storyboard rough version. The final be ready in August!

The message of the song for kids is clear: You can do anything!


Free Concert - Watertown, MA - June 28 at 6:30pm

June 23 2012

If you are in the Greater Boston area, please join us in Watertown this Thursday night at 6:30pm for a fun night of music for the whole family. Sponsored by the Watertown Family Network. The concert is free and sure to be a blast!

Here’s a picture from last year’s crowd.


The Debbie and Friends band and I hope to see you there! Here’s a link to more information.

Pinocchio - in production

May 24 2012

Hi Everyone!

I’m happy to share a behind-the-scenes look at our production rough of “Pinocchio” by Debbie and Friends. The audio is a rough demo and the visual is a storyboard.

The final version will be a late summer release. We’ll keep you posted along the way!


Berklee’s Early Childhood Symposium

May 11 2012

What an honor it was for Debbie and Friends to participate in Berklee’s Early Childhood Symposium on April 9, 2012. The symposium was sponsored by Berklee’s Music Education Dept, under the leadership of Dr. Cecil Adderley, and included presentations and performances by Paul Reisler, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, and Debbie and Friends. It was a very special day with Berklee students, faculty, staff, and lots of families from the greater Boston area all focused on making music together.

Here’s a picture of Berklee’s Music Ed Majors on stage with Debbie and Friends having a great time with the kids and families in attendance. This was particularly special to me being an alumna of that program.

Debbie and Friends with Berklee’s Music Ed Majors

Berklee constantly strives to be a great place to learn, teach, and work. Events like the Early Childhood Symposium are just one more example of this.

FREE Soundtrack for Your Family Movies

April 16 2012

Our new song/cartoon “When You Were One” has been released! If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link to our YouTube channel where it is featured. The song celebrates a child‚Äôs life and special moments from ages 1-5.

After receiving several requests, we are making the mp3 available to you to use as a soundtrack for your own family movies and slideshows. See the download link below.

Please post your movies to YouTube with a hash tag #WYW1 so we can see your creations!



February 13 2012

I’m so happy to tell you that the CD we have a song on, All About Bullies…Big and Small has won the 2011 Grammy for Best Children’s Album. We are beyond excited! We’re grateful to share this amazing honor with so many artists who donated their songs/tracks to address this important issue. Thank you to Steve Pullara and all of the producers of this CD for including Debbie and Friends in this compilation! Here’s a link to our song that is part of this Grammy award-winning collection, “Walk Away”!


Meet Jake, an honorary band member!

January 10 2012

I want to tell you about a special friend of mine named Jake. If you have our first CD or have seen our cartoons on YouTube, you’ve already heard his voice on our “Three Pigs and a Wolf” song. In fact, he introduces the song with his then 3-year-old voice, and sings along during the chorus parts with his brother Joshua and sister Riley. Here’s a picture from the recording session.


Jake is now 10-years old, and he took up the saxophone just three months ago. He has gotten so good at the sax in such a short period of time that I invited him to join us on stage. Jake played the “Opposite” song with the band at the Coolidge Corner Theatre on Jan. 8, 2012 and stole the show! Here are some pictures from that performance.

Jakes solo

Jake did such a great job in fact, that we decided to make him an honorary band member with his own D&F cartoon character! Meet Jake, everyone! I think you’ll be seeing more of him on stage and perhaps even on screen in future D&F productions!

Jake HiReshonorary
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