Parents’ Choice Award!

September 30 2010
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I’m so happy to announce that our new CD, More Story Songs & Sing Alongs has been honored with a Parents’ Choice Award! Here’s what Parents’ Choice reviewer, Lynne Heffley had to say:

“I Think I Can” (a song version of “The Little Engine That Could”) and “Rosie Wrong Rhyme” exemplify the child-savvy, play-along spirit that singer Debbie Cavalier brings to her music for the preschool and little lunchbox set. “I Think I Can” echoes the gentle encouragement that is Cavalier’s trademark. “Rosie,” a little girl who can’t get her rhymes right, gives young listeners the comical context that allows them to anticipate the right answer. (Written by Norman Martin, “Rosie” is one of only two songs that are not Cavalier originals here). She is well-accompanied by a host of adult musicians and vocalists of all ages, including “Sesame Street’s” Bob McGrath, who helps out on the mellow, harmonic good-bye song, “Until Next Time.”

For more information, or to read about some of the other great award-winning CDs, visit the Parents’ Choice Fall 2010 Audio Awards Web site.

On the Radio

June 19 2010

I had the great fortune to be interviewed on “Mommy on a Shoestring Radio” with Beth Engelman and Jenna Riggs this week. Here’s a link to the Podcast. Our segment begins at 27:14, but the whole show is terrific.

If you get a chance, be sure to check out their blog. It’s filled with great ideas and activities for the whole family, AND, there will soon be a Debbie and Friends CD giveaway posted!

What a Review!

February 17 2009

TD Monthly’s Music Review

Picture 5

By Anna Bendorf

My Impressions: From start to finish, the mood of this album is truly happy. It benefits from a variety of musical styles, including rock, pop, reggae, country, folk and even sounds reminiscent of Broadway. The lyrics are easy to understand, and the story songs really do tell a story, in addition to some dialogue between tunes. Although all of the songs are original, some were inspired by familiar fairy tales, including “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Three Pigs and a Wolf,” “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” My only critique of the album is that I wished the music could have reflected the storylines a bit more. For instance, during the music for “Little Red Riding Hood,” the big bad wolf did not sound scary.

As a side note, my favorite song was the last track, “Love is a Family.” It is a beautiful ballad that begins with a solo piano and voice and gradually morphs into a rocking contemporary pop tune. I thought the musicianship and creative artistry of this song were superb.

Kids Perspective: This whimsical CD has a cute cover. When I asked my 2-year-old daughter which CD she wanted to listen to out of a whole stack of CDs, she chose this one. I think her favorite song was “I’ve got a laugh.” It has a catchy tune and easy-to-learn words for young kids. It was really fun for us both to sing and dance to.

Recommendation: All the musicians who contributed to this album are true professionals, so it makes for a very enjoyable listening experience for both parents and kids. Debbie is a talented singer-songwriter-pianist with a wonderful heart for kids. If you get a chance, visit her website,, as it has some cool stuff for kids, too!

Writer’s Bio: Anna Bendorf received her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance in 2004 from the University of Oregon, where she gained extensive experience as an accompanist and solo performer. While studying music, she won several piano competitions and sang in the University audition choir and the Symphony Chorus. She has been teaching piano for the past 14 years, and she and her husband, Adam, run Alberti Publishing, a music publishing company. They co-authored a book for piano teachers called ‚ÄúThe Right Notes‚Äù (November 2008). Adam and Anna have a 2-year-old daughter and are expecting another baby in February 2009.

Side Note from Debbie
This is a wonderful tribute to the incredible musicians who played on the CD, and my producer, Mike Carrera. It’s also a tribute to Robert Heath, my amazing designer!

Original Review can be found here. (Third review on the page.)

Beethoven’s Wig Just Got Bigger!

October 20 2008

The CD cover for Beethoven's Wig 4.

Learning that‚Äôs fun is impactful and lasting. For years, Beethoven’s Wig has provided a fun path to learning about classical music for children.

This month, Beethoven’s Wig 4 was released and once again it is where humor, classical music, and music education come together as one. And this time, to the delight of children and families everywhere, the collection is based on famous dance pieces.

The previous three Beethoven’s Wig CDs have won 40 national awards, and garnered Grammy® Award nominations in 2003, 2005 and 2007. The Sing Along Symphonies were featured on NBC’s Today show and National Public Radio’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Beethoven‚Äôs Wig 4 is sure to follow similar acclaim‚Ķ the music is wonderful, the lyrics are so clever, funny and inventive, and the cover art is incredible: Saturday Night Fever meets Beethoven‚Ķ Great stuff! Beethoven‚Äôs Wig 4 is simply wonderful and should be part of every family‚Äôs music collection and every music educator’s classroom. Highly recommended.

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