February 13 2012

I’m so happy to tell you that the CD we have a song on, All About Bullies…Big and Small has won the 2011 Grammy for Best Children’s Album. We are beyond excited! We’re grateful to share this amazing honor with so many artists who donated their songs/tracks to address this important issue. Thank you to Steve Pullara and all of the producers of this CD for including Debbie and Friends in this compilation! Here’s a link to our song that is part of this Grammy award-winning collection, “Walk Away”!


We’re on a Grammy-Nominated CD!

December 2 2011

Exciting news!

Debbie and Friends has a song on an album that was nominated for a 2011 Grammy Award in the Children’s Music Category! “Walk Away” is our song on the anti-bullying compilation called All About Bullies Big And Small. It is one of five nominees for Best Children’s Album! The winner will be announced at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony on Feb. 12.

Here’s the cartoon music video version of our song that is on the nominated CD.

Parents’ Choice Award!

September 30 2010
Uploaded with Skitch!

I’m so happy to announce that our new CD, More Story Songs & Sing Alongs has been honored with a Parents’ Choice Award! Here’s what Parents’ Choice reviewer, Lynne Heffley had to say:

“I Think I Can” (a song version of “The Little Engine That Could”) and “Rosie Wrong Rhyme” exemplify the child-savvy, play-along spirit that singer Debbie Cavalier brings to her music for the preschool and little lunchbox set. “I Think I Can” echoes the gentle encouragement that is Cavalier’s trademark. “Rosie,” a little girl who can’t get her rhymes right, gives young listeners the comical context that allows them to anticipate the right answer. (Written by Norman Martin, “Rosie” is one of only two songs that are not Cavalier originals here). She is well-accompanied by a host of adult musicians and vocalists of all ages, including “Sesame Street’s” Bob McGrath, who helps out on the mellow, harmonic good-bye song, “Until Next Time.”

For more information, or to read about some of the other great award-winning CDs, visit the Parents’ Choice Fall 2010 Audio Awards Web site.

Nickelodeon Parents’ Pick Awards 2010

July 8 2010

I’m so excited to tell you that we’ve been nominated for the Nickelodeon Parents’ Pick Award! We’re in the top 5, and WE NEED YOUR VOTES to win!

Please click the link below to vote. You can vote once a day through Aug. 30!

Nominated for best kids’ music cd. Vote now!

You are the reason we’ve been nominated. Thank you so much for your support of Debbie and Friends! Please vote!

We need your vote!

May 31 2010

Click here for to vote for Debbie and Friends!

We’re so excited to be in the running for Best Kids’ Music CD in Nickelodeon’s Parents’ Picks Awards! We need your help to be in the running for a 2010 Award. We need your vote to be officially nominated! Please click the link above to vote on the Parents Picks web site. You can nominate us as often as you’d like, every day, from now until July 3! Thank you! -Debbie

D&F Remix Contest, Winner Announced!

May 7 2010

Thanks for all of your interest in the Debbie and Friends GarageBand Remix Contest. It’s been great fun!

The winner is Boogie Cindy from the Boogie Wonder Band, and 12-year old Ala?Øa Lamontagne. Congratulations to Cindy and Ala?Øa for producing a very creative rendition of ‚ÄúWilly Won‚Äôt‚Äù complete with a percussion break, vocal effects, a kids shout-out chorus, and much more.

As you will hear, they transformed “Willy Won’t” from its original Southern-rock feel to that of an Electronica tune. It’s very cool! To hear the winning track, check out the music player on the Remix Contest Site:

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and congratulations to Boogie Cindy and the Boogie Wonder Band from Quebec, Canada. Your prizes are on the way!

BCM’s Favorite Live Performances of 2009

January 16 2010

I’m happy to report that we have been awarded one of Boston Children’s Music’s First Annual Favorite Live Performance of 2009! We’re really excited about this honor and thrilled to be in the company of such great musicians!

Here’s what Amber Bobnar of Boston Children’s Music, had to say:

Debbie & Friends is one of our favorite bands and we love to see them perform live. Debbie does such a wonderful job of talking to the kids and getting them to really feel like they are an important part of the show. Debbie’s shows have a very inclusive feel to them and they can be a great way to introduce your kids, especially little kids, to full-band live music.

Debbie‚Äôs band is just phenomenal, but I have to say that Mike really helps make the show. He is Debbie‚Äôs backup singer and all-around silly guy. The kids love him. He responds to all the stories and games and is just so much fun to watch. And I love his singing on the new song, “So So Happy.” Download your copy of “So So Happy” here.

We Won! Thanks for your vote!

May 19 2009

It’s official. The votes are tallied and the fans have selected Debbie and
Friends as a Winner of The Independent Music Awards Vox Populi poll, a
component of the 8th IMA program. The winning song in the Children’s Music Category was “Hangin’ Around,” the song about animal group names. Here’s the music video for the winning song.

Thank you for voting back in December when I asked! It’s because of your support that we won!

Thanks again!


A School of Fish…

January 1 2009

A school of fish, a flock of birds, a swarm of bees. Start the New Year off teaching your kids about various “animal group names” with this Debbie and Friends ska original entitled “Hangin’ Around.”

Thanks to Amy Schrob and Sharon Lynch for the video production and Michael Carrera for producing this song.

This song is up for a Independent Music Award and we need your support! Please click here to vote.

Independent Music Award - Finalist!

December 7 2008

IMA_LOGO_FINALISTDebbie and Friends is an IMA 2009 Finalist for the Children’s Song category for “Hangin’ Around” from the Story Songs and Sing Alongs CD.

The next step is voting! I’m writing to ask if you would vote by clicking on the ratings stars (1 to 5). Here’s a link to the page that leads to the children’s category.

Thank you!

And, thanks again to my producer, Michael Carrera, and all of the wonderful musicians who contributed to the CD!

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